Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

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The attorneys at Handler Thayer, LLP regularly conduct presentations for community groups, charities, industry associations, research organizations, family offices and client groups. In addition, the partners and associates present continuing education courses for various bar associations and other professional groups, including CPAs, CFAs, CFPs, CLUs, ChFCs, and CAPPs.

The firm's partners include nationally and internationally prominent speakers who have chaired and presented at many of the leading educational conferences held around the world.

Such conferences have included the following:

• Advanced Charitable Planning Conferences
• Advanced International Planning Conferences
• Advanced Planning Conferences
• Advanced Tax & Estate Planning Conferences
• Advisors in Philanthropy Conferences
• Business Planning Conferences
• Derivatives Conferences
• Family Office Administration Conferences
• Family Office Conferences
• Hedge Funds Conferences
• Life Insurance Conferences
• Philanthropies & Foundations Conferences
• Private Placement Life Insurance Conferences
• Risk Management Conferences
• Structured Products Conferences
• Wealth Management Conferences


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The firm's partners include some of the most sought after attorney speakers in the United States. Such attorneys are regularly among the most highly rated speakers at leading educational conferences.

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For more information regarding the firm's fees and other arrangements for speaking engagements, please contact Kristen Kardas at 312.641.2100, ext. 491, or at kkardas@handlerthayer.com.